LSD INTERVIEWS #11 LOFTY305 (Interview in english)

LOFTY305 from CSPG responds.

1. Hi there. Whassup?

In paris bouta go to social club got a show tonite

2. What is music for you? When did you started to make songs?

Started makin songs when i was a baby started recording around 13

3. What motivated you to start making music?

Hearing good music growing up and being inspired

4. What do you think you've inherited from the fact of being from Miami?

I know how to mack bitchez very well

5. "Lofty 305". What does this a.k.a. mean?

Lofty means elevated im here to uplift my city 305 is the area code of miami

6. Tell us with our own words what "Metro Zu" and "Zuoloy" is.

Poshstronaut Ruben Slikk PXSH6XD and Lofty305

7. When and how did you met PoshGod? 

In 7th grade yohh

8. We've seen in some social networks that you design fancy creatures and other drawings that you sell . Where does this come from? 

Chillin wit pxsh6xd that nigga been makin paintings since wayy bakk

9. We open your youtube channel. We see almost 800 videos. Thousands of songs with colorful photos. Why so many music? 

I just do shit for fun yohh it is wat it is

10. We could say that, if we get high as fuck, we'll enjoy your music like no other. We could say it is a mixture between chilled as fuck rap and psicodelic sounds with electronic loops. Why to produce that trippy ass music? 

Mm just making shit that i love cuz thats how u get bitchez by being urself

11. "[...] free you know what i mean in a penitentiary ain't no way to live your dream" (Minez song, from the Basedhead Cap album). What can you say about that line? 

U cant live ur dream if u are imprisoned mentally

12. How was the collaboration in Madrid with CB Click born?

My homie Lucas put that down shoutout to Lucas JOOHURRRRDD

13. Your music is magic. Do you always get high to produce or just sometimes? 

Im always pumping dmt from the org 

14. Your audiovisuals are pure magic too, where do you get them from?

The godforce inside us all

15. What programs do you use to create music?

Rite now fl studio dassit

16. Are you in general happy about the music that you provide?

I love all my shit 

17. Funny question here, if you had a superpower, which one would it be?

I have many superpowers

18. Another one, which is your favourite cartoon?

Rite now teen titans that shit was dope

19. What inspires you?


20. As we've seen in some social networks, you like to travel a lot. Where have you been to? And what experiences or stories did you lived there?

Man thats gona take a whole essay but in short London paris madrid i done did it

21. Give us your opinion about the Hip-Hop panorama, in an American context and in a worldwide context.

Wat the fukk is a panorama

22. Tell us about your influences.

Ruben Slikk Poshstronaut and PXSH6XD are my main influences theyre my big brothers

23. Five national artists. 

Kenny Scharf 
Snoop Dogg
J Dilla
Otto Von Schirach
MAc Dre

24. Five international artists.

Dizzee Rascal
High Contrast
Yung Lean Doer
Les Orties

25. We can't be named Green Spirit without a question about pot. Legalization of weed? 

It doesnt matter to me ima b hi as fukk regardless

26. We are so curious (laughters) could you tell us about some of your favourites weed strains? 

Im not a weed nerd like that i smoke kushh i get hii

27. What do you think about our blog Green Spirit? 

I like the gif of homer sinking into a kushbush that was nice

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End of the interview, we hope you have enjoyed it.